Following is an inventory of my life between now and February, 2009:

* approximate number of days away from home: 165
* approximate number of days on which the sun will, in fact, not set: 55
* types of boats used: 4
* species of penguins likely to be seen: 3
* continents: 3
* oceans: 3
* layers of clothing I will need to wear: unfathomable
* degrees of latitude crossed: 148
* number of times my brain has exploded in excitement: lost count
* pairs of underwear I will bring: 4, maybe 5

2 thoughts on “inventory

  1. I think you are taking too much underwear. Someone I know and am traveling with in California, but will not name, didn’t take any for the entire 2.5 months we’ll be here.

    Cheers Zeens,

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