Mutant Monster Dandelions

I am long overdue for a real blog post, but instead I’m going to procrastinate more. Meanwhile, to distract you, here is a picture of the giant dandelions that are around Pavilion Lake. Seriously, these things are larger than my hand. I tried to make a wish on one, but couldn’t make the little fluffles float away, no matter how hard I blew.

2 thoughts on “Mutant Monster Dandelions

  1. THEY ARE MASSIVE! please bring one home.

    this comment is mainly for me to comment on the photo in your most recent post in the sbpvaillion2008 blog, which i am also reading. because i am too whimpy to comment on the blog itself, i’ll do so here:

    is that fresca you’re drinking!?!!? astronauts AND fresca? where can i sign up?

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