oh the weather outside is frightful

I think Neptune woke up on the wrong side of his bed today. Just yesterday the weather was perfect: water as flat as a [funhouse] mirror, blue sky, no clouds, no wind, beautiful view of mountains and icebergs and little penguins merrily foraging for things to put in their adorable little white bellies. By mid-afternoon, fog had rolled in, obscuring all the nice views. You know how after you take four or five photos of a sunrise or sunset they all start looking more or less the same? Fog is even worse. You really only need to take one picture of dense fog, and with that one gray photograph you can pretty much sum up the entire meteorological phenomenon. Today there was more fog. With the fog came 40-knot winds and 30-foot seas, and suddenly the “deployment of oceanographic equipment” becomes “dangling very expensive stuff in front of Neptune’s nose.” The whole back deck is awash with water. There has been much talk of constructing some sort of water skis to stick off the back of the ship… just kidding, Mom and Dad! I am the safest person in the world! Seriously, though: somebody remind me to sew a set of velcro pajamas and velcro sheets next time.

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