big wave

Usually one prefers one’s boats to be as dry as possible – a little bobbing dry spot in the middle of a lot of wet. Kind of the inverse of an oasis, you know? But the back deck of the Gould (and many other oceanographic vessels) is very low to the water, making it (a) easier to deploy big scientific gadgets and (b) easier for waves to come aboard in rough weather. The first picture shows a huge wave and one of the techs holding his grappling hook as we try to recover a mooring. The second picture shows all of us on the back deck as the wave recedes. I’m the one smack in the middle of the second photo with my face turned towards the camera. I wound up with my hair and face soaked, and with surge up to that black strap around my waist. For the safety-conscious among you, here is an itemized list of safe stuff:

1. brains, for avoiding stupid stuff
2. hard hat, for protection of the brains
3. boat, for buoyancy
4. waist strap, for keeping me on the boat
5. float coat, for additional buoyancy and toastiness
6. long johns, for toastiness
7. hot chocolate, for toastiness AND tastiness
8. wader pants, for keeping me (mostly) dry
9. Xtra Tuff steel-toe neoprene boots, for keeping me from slipping and/or losing toes

I’m not exactly a danger junkie, but I can’t deny how fun that was.

2 thoughts on “big wave

  1. Oh Zena:
    I may have provided Christmas cookies, puppies and childhood fun, but you are expanding my world. Thank you and be safe, always!!

  2. “A little bobbing dry spot in the middle of a lot of wet.” — el.o.que.nt as hell. Another blog discovery win for me! This can be likened to forgetting about a candy bar’s nougat center…and then rediscovering a candy bar’s nougat center. B-b-bliss.

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