reaching out and outreaching

Let’s talk about blogs. Let’s talk about blogs written by scientists, and how it seems as if Scientist-Blogger Moses shared with all
Scientist-Bloggers the following Commandments:

Thou shalt broadcast how exciting science can be. Thou shalt covet the public’s interest. Thou shalt explain in an accessible manner exactly how relevant your research is. Thou shalt show the public that scientists are cool, hip people. Thou shalt Tweet if that’s what the kids are doing these days.

Like any other pious Scientist-Blogger, I devote some effort to following these Commandments. But how successful am I? Why are you here? Is it because I have shown you how exciting science can be? Possibly, but more likely you’re here because you’re a friend of mine. Or because you gave birth to me. (Hi, Mom and Dad!) Or because you’re already interested in the type of research I do. Maybe you like my photos. Maybe you like the way I write. Do you think I’m funny? (Bless your soul.)

I suppose I could slip you some science along with the humor and photography, the way some parents hide vegetables in little
bacon-and-mashed-potato Trojan Horses, just to get something healthy into their children’s mouths. But I know you’re a smart audience and you can taste broccoli whether it’s covered in cheese or not.

All I can do is be shamelessly myself. What I write here is what I actually find interesting or exciting or beautiful. This is how I experience the world, and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what I see, too.

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