poop and utility fingers

Imagine living with your coworkers for six weeks. No, scratch that. Imagine living with your coworkers while sleep-deprived for six weeks. Okay, then imagine living with your sleep-deprived coworkers for six weeks inside a floating container not more than 250 feet long. From there, you might be able to conjure up some idea of the current mental state of everyone on board this ship.

Our breakfast conversations are always amusing. Breakfast is served early

2 thoughts on “poop and utility fingers

  1. Zena, last night I had a very vivid dream about identifying different kinds of ice–even one I called a “pyroclastic flow,” which was an awesome kind of ice that you could surf like a wave. I credit your blog entries!

  2. Yo Z! I love your blog. In fact I think your exploits are awesome. BUT … did you not post the rest of this post? Don’t leave me hanging!!! I might have to spend time actually doing what I’m supposed to be doing instead of reading your blog!!!

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