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Ph.D. Geosciences (in progress)
The Pennsylvania State University

M.Sc. Marine Sciences (2014)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.Sc. Biology; Honors in Poetry; minors in Marine Sciences & Creative Writing (2010)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship (American Geosciences Institute)  •  2017
Scholten-Williams-Wright Scholarship (Penn State) • 2017
Paul D. Krynine Scholarships (Penn State) • 2016, 2017
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship  •  2014 – 2017 
(awarded 2012)
NASA Space Grant Fellowships (PA Space Grant Consortium)  •  2015, 2016
Donald B. and Mary E. Tait Scholarship in Microbial Biogeochemistry (Penn State) • 2016
North Carolina Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship  •  2014

Anne C. Wilson Graduate Research Award (Penn State) •  2014
Excellence in Graduate Recruiting Award (Penn State) • 2014
NASA Ames Honor Award (Group/Team: Pavilion Lake)  •  2014
Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) Scholar • 2014
Royster Society Distinguished Graduate Fellowship  •  2012 – 2014
(five-year award, used two)
North Carolina Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship  •  2013
The Irene F. Lee Chancellor’s Award for Most Outstanding Senior Woman   •  2010
NC Space Grant Undergraduate Research Scholarship  •  2010
Space Grant Research Fellowship  •  2009
North Carolina Space Grant NASA Internship  •  2008
Burch Fellowship  •  2008
Chancellor’s Carolina Scholarship  •  2006


The Pennsylvania State University  •  Geosciences Department • August 2014 – August 2017
Geomicrobiology of cave biofilms.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  •  Department of Marine Sciences • January 2008 – August 2014
Microbial diversity and biogeochemistry in methane seep environments.  Lab manager 2011-2012. PI:  Andreas Teske.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  •  Department of Biology • August 2007 – February 2008
Mitotic spindle assembly. PI:  Edward Salmon

The College of William & Mary  •  Department of Biology • September 2005 – June 2006
The mammalian Sodium-Iodide Symporter (NIS) gene as an in vivo marker for tumor imaging. PI:  Margaret Saha

Cornell University  • Department of Biomedical Sciences • June 2005 – August 2005
The role of Jagged1 as a ligand in the Notch Pathway within the mammalian olfactory epithelium. PI:  David Lin


NASA BASALT Field Support Team Lead & Deputy Logistics Coordinator  •  Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii • November 2016
NASA BASALT Field Support Team Lead & Deputy Logistics Coordinator 
•  Craters of the Moon, Idaho • June 2016
NASA Pavilion Lake Research Project 
•  Pavilion Lake, British Columbia  •  2008-2011, 2014-2015
Frasassi Cave system  •  Marche Region, Italy  •  March 2015
Wishing Well Cave 
•  Bath County, VA  •  Februray 2015
 • EV Nautilus, Gulf of Mexico  •  July 2013
ECOGIG  •  RV Endeavor, Gulf of Mexico  •  April 2012
Palmer LTER  •  Palmer Station, Antarctica  •  October 2011 – February 2012
Sea Education Association Assistant Engineer  •  SSV Robert C. Seamans, Honolulu to Palmyra Atoll  •  May – June 2011
Palmer LTER  •  ARSV Laurence M. Gould, West Antarctic Peninsula  •  January 2009 & January 2011
NASA Desert Research & Technology Studies  •  Black Point Lava Flow, AZ  •  September 2009
Sea Education Association  •  SSV Robert C. Seamans, Sandiego to Puerto Vallarta  • August – November 2008
McGill Arctic Research Station  •  Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut  •  July 2008
Mars Desert Research Station  •  San Rafael Swell, UT  •  January 2008
Family Alliance for Development and Cooperation (FADECO)   •  Karagwe District, Tanzania  •  May – June 2007


Z Cardman et al.  (in prep)  Niche space for active Bacteria and Archaea along a thermally and geochemically variable transect in Guaymas Basin sediments.

F Dowell, Z Cardman, et al. (2016)  Microbial communities in methane- and short chain alkane-rich hydrothermal sediments of Guaymas Basin. Frontiers in Microbiology. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00017.

Z Cardman 
et al.  (2014)  Verrucomicrobia: candidates for polysaccharide-degrading bacterioplankton in an Arctic fjord of Svalbard. Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

JF Biddle, Z Cardman, et al. (2012) Anaerobic oxidation of methane at different temperature regimes in Guaymas Basin hydrothermal sediments. ISME Journal.  6: 1018-1031.

DSS Lim et al. (2011) A Historical Overview of the Pavilion Lake Research Project – Analog Science and Exploration in an Underwater Environment Geological Society of America Special Issue: Analogs for Planetary Exploration.  483: 85-115.

DSS Lim et al. (2010) Scientific field training for human planetary exploration. Planetary and Space Science.  58: 920-930.


Z. Cardman et al. Goldschmidt Conference (accepted)
DSS Lim et al.
American Geophysical Union (Fall 2016)
MJ Miller et al
. IEEE Aerospace Conference (Spring 2016)
Z Cardman, JL Macalady* et al. Geological Society of America (Fall 2015)
JL Macalady et al. Geological Society of America (Fall 2015)
DSS Lim et al.
American Geophysical Union (Fall 2014)
Z Cardman, LJ McKay, E Dowell*, et al. American Society of Microbiology (Summer 2014)
C Arnosti, Z Cardman, et al. Goldschmidt Conference (Summer 2013)
J Russell et al. American Geophysical Union (Fall 2011)
JF Biddle, Z Cardman* et al. Goldschmidt Conference. (Summer 2010)
R Shepard et al. Astrobiology Science Conference (2010)
DSS Lim et al. Astrobiology Science Conference (2010)
Z Cardman et al. North Carolina Undergraduate Research Symposium (2009)
MM Marinova et al. American Geophysical Union (2009)
DSS Lim et al. American Geophysical Union (2009)
JF Biddle, Z Cardman, L McKay*, and A Teske. American Society for Microbiology (2009)


Shake Rattle and Rocks • 2016 • lead workshops for 5th graders from local elementary schools during Penn State Geosciences’ annual three-day outreach event
Science Fair Judge
• 2013-present • guest judge at local and regional science fairs, especially in Chatham and Orange Counties, NC
Outreach Lectures  •  2009-present  •  frequent guest speaker at public schools, clubs, retirement communities, and museums
Penn State News
  •  2015  •  quotes and photography in an article about astrobiology fieldwork in Italy
UNC Spotlight
• 2012 • biographical feature article on UNC’s homepage
  •  2011-2012  •  writer at an international blog on ocean science, sports, & discovery
Sea Education Association featured alumnae • 2011 • profiled online and in their 40th anniversary special edition magazine
Cellar Door  •  2007-2010  •  Editor-in-Chief of UNC’s undergraduate literary magazine
Tract Magazine  •  2006-2010  •  Editor-in-Chief of a digest exploring the intersections of art and science
Endeavors Magazine  •  Spring 2009  •  feature article “Arctic Adventure”
PBS NOVA   •  2008  •  HD video footage featured in nationally-aired episode “Is There Life on Mars?”
WPTF North Carolina  •  April 2008  •  on-air interview:  “Living on Mars”


American Geophysical Union (#728387)
The Explorers Club (Term Fellow)
Geochemical Society  (#180606)
The Geological Society of America 
National Speleological Society
Soaring Society of America (#64861)
Wilderness First Aid & CPR certifications (SOLO & AHA, current through 2017)
FAA Student Pilot Solo Endorsement (2015)
PADI Advanced SCUBA (Open Water 2008, Advanced 2010)
Association of Polar Early Career Scientists


Spencer Lovrinic (Penn State undergraduate)  •  2015-2017
Srishti Dasarathy
(UNC undergraduate, NOAA Hollings Scholar)  •  2013-2014
Frederick Dowell (UNC undergraduate. Currently: whale watching guide in WA)  •  2010-2011, 2013-2014
Sea Education Association class S235 (Stanford undergraduates)  •  2011
Kelly Speare (UNC undergraduate. Currently: NSF Graduate Research Fellow at UC Santa Barbara)  •  2011
Vincent Klokman (UNC undergraduate. Currently: Medical school in the Netherlands) • 2010-2011

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