Radioactivity, Knots, and Stars

Good news, everyone:  I am now certified to handle radioactivity!

This is probably strange news, as you haven’t heard from me in more than a month.   Since early September, I’ve been busy learning how to tie knots, learning how to use a sextant, learning what angle to turn a sail in order to make best use of the wind, learning the history of whaling and fishing, learning how to navigate by the stars…

In a few hours, I leave for a voyage south from San Diego, into the Sea of Cortez, and down to Puetro Vallarta, Mexico. My bag is packed with more bandanas than shorts or shirts.

That’s my home for the next six weeks.

You can visit to track where I am.

As for radioactivity, well, I’ll leave you in suspense for a few more weeks.

There isn’t much in the way of cell phone or internet reception 300 miles offshore, so you won’t hear from me again until November 20th.  Maybe I’ll send you a message in a bottle.

Until then,