Penguin Seduction

GoPro HD Hero camera + fuzzy hat “decoy” + curious penguin =

He got especially involved when I started building a pebble nest for the camera.  Male Adelie penguins woo the ladies by bringing pebbles for their nests… this one started picking up the pebbles close to the camera with his beak, and plopping them about two feet farther away.  I’m not sure whether he was trying to seduce the camera or trying to hoard the good pebbles for himself.

Decoy Post!

Your sleepless nights are over.  Your days longingly spent clicking the “refresh” button at are through.  I’m here to quell your fears that I’ve disappeared into the Antarctic wilderness, or – worse – that I’ve given up on blogging.  THIS, KIDS, IS A BLOG POST.  Booyah!  And now, to distract you from the fact that I haven’t written anything worthwhile in about a month: here is a video that Luke made of a recent polar plunge.

Jumping into the sub-freezing water is our special way of bidding farewell to friends leaving on the northbound ship.  I’m the one in the black bikini.  I really thought the bumper was going to be much bouncier than it actually turned out to be…